Preface: So we were recently thrown into the mix of Google-based advertising and SEO, many of these concepts foreign to traditional advertising means – but an extremely effective way of getting noticed. This blog aims to explain related terms or whatever the weekly assignment dictates.

Search Network Partners is an available platform in Google when starting a Pay-Per-Click campaign. To distinguish it from just a straight search deployment, I’ll aim to briefly explain what the difference is. SNP, yes we’re abbreviating the applicable term here because I don’t want to retype it nor doesn’t know how copy/paste workssssssssssssss! IT’S NOT THE POINT! SNP differs from a conventional search engine deployment in that the pay-per-click campaign will now be available on ALL Google platforms and search sites that partner with Google.

This means your PPC, again another abbreviation – do your best to keep up, will be shown on a larger variety of sites, primarily sites who are in the partner network. This can include Google sub-search sites like Lycos – remember that? Neither do I. THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. So SNP = Google Partner Network Sites = Other partnered Search Sites + Partner Sites.

SO diving into the second part of the equation, now we’ll take a look at partner sites. Partner sites are what happens when a site, using Google AdSense, enters a monetization partner agreement. From this, these sites can make money via Google AdSense and get paid to have ads hosted on their site. This is where a PPC campaign can end up on. It’s worth mentioning this can include blogs and even, a more lucrative avenue like YouTube. Where PPC campaigns can come in the form of banner ads or ads on the side of the video.

Here we’ll do a quick case analysis of one. I’ll copy a video SOMEONE WHO IS AMAZING made, let me turn adblock off:

So as you can see there are banner ads on display at the bottom of the video. These actually are clickable and can be where your PPC campaign arrives.

OVERALL, being able to distinguish between straight search and SNP, there’s that fauxbrievation again, will determine the confines of your pay-per-click campaign. Do you want it just on Google or Google’s plethora of partners and subsidiaries? What will the budget allow? Will my ad relate to the partner’s content? These are all viable question the client and or marketing firm needs to tackle before deployment. Educate yourself about it before diving in and don’t get suckered in by shill agencies looking for a buck – universal client tip right there. Further reading, in the form of puppets:

A’ight, my work here is done consider buying my ebook “Holistic Advertising Measures: A Guide to Adwords and You by James Potts” a self help book on advertising woes and quick shortcuts to bypassing major problems, early on. JK that doesn’t exist. Til next time.