Preface: This was originally intended for September 17th deployment, due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to release it on that day. So here it is, on today.

When my INTERACTIVE WEB MARKETING professor said Rich Snippets my mind immediately went back to 1930s Chicago, where a middle-aged African American man made his mark as one of the most successful Jazz musicians from back in the day. IT turns out Rich Snippets had nothing to do with being a Black Jazz Musician, but rather, was SEO jargon – cool sounding jargon, nonetheless.

RICH SNIPPETS, simplified are the brief highlights from your website as displayed on Google underneath your title. IT is in these Rich Snippets that searchers can rapid fire assess how valid or pertinent the information presented is. Often times this is WHERE you will sell your website to the user. Your content gets on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), they make the space you’re allotted look more tempting for the user to continue. THINK of it, like the YouTube thumbnail or description if we were to frame it in a YouTube context… OKAY that’s LITERALLY the worst example I could think of.

BACK ON TRACK, think of it like the cable guide on your TV. On this channel or service you scroll through channels seeing what television show is on AND in a specific space there will be a brief synopsis of the plot of the show. THAT is what a Rich Snippet is.

Rich Snippets in action

Rich Snippets in action.

Rich Snippets, that clever bastard, is also used to make the search process much easier. As humans (glorified monkeys) we’re pretty lazy – we hate busywork or tasks that actively impede our progress, and as such, we constantly seek quicker and more streamlined solutions to our problems. FROM automobiles operating at current speeds versus say 1930s speeds, dial up internet being upped to fiber optic, we hate waiting and slothfulness. UNDERSTANDABLY, because if we can get something faster why not? And waiting, for the most part, sucks. This is a UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

SO in terms of search, Rich Snippets can provide the pertinent information to such a degree that the user doesn’t ACTUALY HAVE TO GO TO YOUR SITE. If the Rich Snippet is good enough (perhaps rich would’ve been a better word) then GOOGLE can streamline the search results. A prime example is looking up movie times or tickets for shows, or travel tickets, or (if you’re in a large city) bus transit wait times. The Rich Snippet actually provides a faster result than if I were to go through the hoop-jumping process of going from search engine to site then looking up times.

All in all Rich Snippets are a good thing, and probably the best thing about the internet. AND ALSO, I MIGHT ADD highly corruptible when you go beyond page three of the search. Literally random sketchy sites have these enticing rich snippets and I aim to never click on the site because you tricked your way into Google’s directory.

There we go, a comprehensive guide to Rich Snippets – the unsung hero of Google.