Post by James Potts and Kyle Carr

Preface: This was originally intended for a mid-September deployment, but due to unforeseen circumstances wasn’t available for upload until now, today. In this very blog post.

In our best efforts to avoid the ocean of sameness that is evident in the execution of an infographic, and to answer the question, “who uses Google the most?”  My associate and I, decided undertake this endeavour from a new, diverse, perspective. Google usage as interpreted through Zombies.


According to CNN vis-à-vis, in a 2013, the demographic of primary Google users are. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

People who are substantially smarter and richer than average. People with a college education between the ages of 25-35 with an average salary of ~$75,000.

Findings from this report also indicated that Google has a 67% stranglehold on the United States market share, in terms of people who search online (which is everyone [pretty much]).

Additionally, the study found a direct correlation between an increase in job growth leading to, what else, an increase in google usage.

Our decision to use zombies, we feel, accurately reflects this in terms of what occupations the former people represent; it is mostly comprised of professionals, a lawyer, business person, a scientist, etc. These are occupations that would represent (and in some cases exceed) the average yearly salary as indicated by the study.

An implication we feel will arise, in the future, DISREGARDING THE ZOMBIES, would be how Android and mobile platforms affect Google usage; as Google owns Android and via Chrome is the inherent browser in Android devices, and with the expansive growth of smartphones in mostly all young demographics. It is reasonable to assume that the demographic as indicated by’s study would shift slightly downward to include students and such. This would affect the mean salary, as most students on average don’t net $75,000 annually.