Keywords Sink Ships

For this week’s blog I’ve decided to swim against the tide and discuss some of the negative attributes associated with Google’s golden child…KEYWORDS. I know the majority of people in the Search Engine Marketing world cream their pants a little bit at the mere mention of keywords. What with all the density, content, spiders, hummingbirds, penguins, meta data and optimization that go along with keywords, its no surprise that they are, for lack of a better term, the jelly to the Google donut (Shout out to my best friend and amazing team mate KATIE BARNES).

BUT keywords aren’t all bread and proverbial butter and many companies, businesses and people misuse keywords with disastrous consequences. “With great power comes great responsibility” said Spiderman’s alter ego Peter Parker’s dying uncle I don’t know his name, and he was obviously talking about keywords and their part in search engine optimization.

Now that I’ve finished that little nerdgasm, I’ll get straight to the point. KEYWORD OVER SATURATION CAN SINK YOUR WHOLE SITE – or ship, if you want the title to make any sense. Many people feel like it’s a good idea to focus solely on a single keyword or “money term” (cha ching) when optimizing their site. THIS IS A MISTAKE. A crippling, crippling mistake. What some people who are in to metaphors would call, putting all your eggs in one basket. Now I don’t agree with this specific simile – why would you put all your eggs in different baskets? – But I do agree that the keyword thing is a bad idea.

This strategy may fool people into thinking a number of things that simply aren’t true. Targeting a solitary keyword does in fact NOT make optimizing your website any cheaper or easier. The coveted Page One of Google search (THERE’S A PAGE TWO??) is no easier to reach with a single keyword. By limiting yourself to one keyword, you’re really just pulling an idiom and shooting yourself in the foot. Now I doubt there’s any English Majors reading this blog so I’ll give you all a hint… shooting yourself in the foot, is an idiom, and also a bad idea. LIKE BEING LASER FOCUSED ON ONE KEYWORD.

To put it plainly, concentrating all you efforts on a single keyword increases your chances of failure exponentially. You are not only missing all the keyword variations, modifiers, synonyms and even spelling mistaks – that was a joke, I know how to spell mistakes – that accompany that keyword but also many other lucrative opportunities. No person, company or business has only one thing to offer their audience. And there’s never only one money term for them to target. There are always copious amount of relevant keywords available to help drive traffic to your site.